Mistakes That Increase Your Car Insurance

Mistakes That Increase Your Car Insurance

April 4, 2019

Auto Insurance Rates can vary between drivers.  It is pretty well known that drivers with a history of accidents or tickets pay more for car insurance.   There are plenty of other common mistakes that can increase your car insurance rates, no matter what your driving history looks like.

The following are a few of those common mistakes that can increase you car insurance.

Not Being Truthful Or Leaving Out Information

I know it is a shocker!!  People lie on their auto insurance quote forms.  Usually they might fail to report an accident or tickets.

Coincidentally some people may not even realize that they are not giving the most accurate information, such as saying they have a 2016 model car when they have a 2014.

Not telling the truth on the auto insurance application can increase your rates.  During the discovery period the insurer is making sure the information is accurate and if they discover something incorrect it could lead to higher insurance rates or the insurance company might cancel the entire policy.

Sometimes the insurance company may not discover issues until there is a claim.

For example if you have your primary residence in a different location or if the insurance company discovers that the primary driver is a different person that is living in the home.  They could refuse to cover the claim which would mean any cost would be the insured responsibility.   One of the more common today is driving for a ride share or delivery service and not getting your insurance coverage updated for that type of usage with your car.

Not Applying All Of Your Auto Insurance Discounts 

Most insurance companies do will not offer their best discounts until you ask  This is why a local independent insurance agency like Bourgeois Insurance is important to have working for you.

Listed are some of the common discounts most car insurance companies offer.

  • Anti-theft or VIN Etching
  • Automatic payment
  • Senior Citizen Discount
  • Pre-Pay discount (pay in full)
  • Multi Policy Discounts
  • Drivers Education
  • Good Student Discount
  • Safe Driver Discounts
  • Home Owner Discount
  • Affiliate Discounts (Clubs, employer and some others)

Working with an agent at Bourgeois Insurance Agency we will help you find all of the insurance discounts available.

Getting Only Basic Liability Coverage

Bare minimum coverage might save you some money today, but even a minor accident can cost you serious money later.  Some people do not realize that basic liability coverage will only cover damage to other people and may not even be enough and if the cost exceed the amount of coverage you will be paying the remaining out of pocket wiping out any savings you might have and possibly costing you long term cost if you have a judgement placed against you.

Minimum Coverage also usually does not cover damage to your own vehicle so any repairs to your vehicle will come out of pocket.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes

Insurance companies know that you do not want to hassle with getting quotes with several companies.  They know you do not want to call a bunch of companies or fill out a bunch of forms online.  Worse yet is to have endless calls from tele sales people.

When you are working with Bourgeois Insurance we will compare your quotes with several companies and make sure you are getting every discount offered without the hassle of tele sales and the time it takes calling every company.

Make sure you are getting every discount, drive safe and make sure you have Bourgeois Insurance working for YOU not the insurance company.


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