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Get Money Back Each Month with the Medicare Part B Giveback Benefit

October 09, 202311 min read

Are you enrolled in Medicare Part B and paying a monthly premium? Did you know that certain Medicare Advantage Plans can give you back some or all of that  your amount? This rebate is known as the Monthly Part B premium giveback benefit, and it's an appealing perk offered by some Medicare Advantage Plans in your area.

The giveback benefit allows you to get money back each month from your Medicare Advantage Plan carrier directly. It can put hundreds of dollars per year back into your pocket. Keep reading to learn more about how the Medicare Part B giveback benefit works and how to find a plan available in your area that offers this money-saving deal.

What is the Medicare Part B Give back Benefit?

The Medicare Part B giveback benefit, also sometimes called a Part B premium reduction benefit, is offered by certain Medicare Advantage Plans available in 2023. It works like this:

  • You enroll in many Medicare Advantage Plan that offers give back benefit instead of Original Medicare.

  • That plan takes over responsibility for providing all your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage.

  • The plan then gives you back (rebates) some or all of the Medicare full Part B premium you would normally pay to Medicare directly each month ($164.90 in 2023).

  • The giveback is typically provided as a direct payment to you or a credit on your plan bill each month.

By enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan available in your area that offers this benefit, you can put money back into your own pocket instead of paying Medicare. It's a creative way some plans with give back to attract new members.

How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Offer the Giveback?

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by private insurance approved by Medicare. Many of these plans choose to include extra benefits beyond what Original Medicare offers in order to compete for members. The Part B premium giveback is one of those optional enhanced benefits.

The plans can afford to offer the giveback because Medicare pays them a fixed fee per member each month to provide your coverage. If the plan can efficiently provide your benefits at a lower cost than Medicare's fee, they generate a surplus that can be returned to you as a rebate on your Part B premium.

For 2023, the maximum giveback amount per month is $164.90, which is the standard premium for your Medicare Part B. However, plans can choose to offer smaller giveback amounts as well, such as $20 or $50 per month. The specific amount will depend on the plan.

Who Is Eligible for the Medicare Part B Giveback Benefit?

To receive a Medicare Part B premium giveback from a Medicare Advantage Plan, you must be:

  • Enrolled in Medicare Part B and paying the standard monthly premium.

  • Enrolled specifically in a Medicare Advantage Plan offering the giveback benefit for 2023.

  • Living in the service area of that Medicare Advantage Plan.

If you meet the above criteria, you can take advantage of this money-saving offer! Make sure to verify the giveback amount before enrolling, as the amount can vary by plan.

Most Medicare Advantage Plans allow you to enroll if you have both Medicare Part A and Part B and live in their coverage area. Some plans also cover Part B-only members.

How Does the Medicare Give back Benefit Work?

Here is a step-by-step look at how you can receive the Medicare Part B premium giveback each month:

1.     Compare Medicare Advantage Plans available in your ZIP code, specifically looking for ones that offer the giveback benefit. The Medicare Plan Finder tool can help you find plans.

2.     When you find an eligible plan you like, enroll in the plan instead of Original Medicare during open enrollment or a special enrollment period.

3.     You must continue paying your Part B premium to Medicare to remain enrolled in Part B. This is required to get the giveback.

4.     Your Medicare Advantage Plan will then reimburse you the giveback amount, either through a direct deposit to your bank account each month or a credit on your bill.

5.     The plan will handle paying Medicare the Part B premium amount on your behalf and subtracting the giveback from what you owe.

6.     You'll come out ahead each month with the giveback cash in your pocket!

By following these steps, your Medicare Advantage Plan essentially takes over responsibility from Medicare for coverage in exchange for giving you back part of your Part B monthly premium. It's an extra perk for you as the member.

What Are the Benefits of the Medicare Part B Premium Reduction Plan?

There are a few appealing benefits to joining a Medicare Advantage Plan offering the Part B premium giveback:

  • It puts money back into your Medicare and Social Security check each month. For many retirees, being able to recoup some of your Medicare costs can provide financial relief and increase your available income. Even a $50 per month giveback adds up!

  • It helps offset the rising cost of Part B premiums. Medicare Part B premiums are rising significantly in 2023. The giveback benefit cushions the blow of higher premiums.

  • It allows you to enroll in Medicare Advantage. These plans offer benefits like dental, vision, and hearing coverage that Original Medicare does not. The giveback offer makes joining even more financially attractive.

  • It rewards you for choosing a more efficient coverage option. Medicare Advantage Plans provide your Medicare benefits at a lower cost, passing the savings along to you.

For many, the Medicare Part B giveback can make joining a Medicare Advantage Plan a financial no-brainer. Just make sure to choose a plan that meets your medical and prescription needs as well.

What Are the Drawbacks of the Giveback Benefit?

While the Medicare Part B premium giveback offer is appealing, there are a few drawbacks to consider as well:

  • It ties you to a specific plan's network. To get the giveback, you can only use your plan's doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies, except in emergencies. Your access to providers may be narrower.

  • You must follow plan rules. Medicare Advantage Plans often require prior authorization for services and have limits on coverage. There's less flexibility.

  • The giveback amount can change yearly. Plans don't have to guarantee offering the giveback every year. The amount could go down in the future.

  • Provider networks and formularies can change. Your plan could experience turnover in its list of covered providers, hospitals, and prescription drugs from year to year.

  • Medicare Advantage Plans involve trade-offs. These plans offer some enhanced benefits beyond Original Medicare, but there may also be gaps in coverage to consider.

For these reasons, carefully compare plans each year during open enrollment based on total benefits offered, not just the giveback amount. Make sure your doctors participate and the plan meets your health and drug needs. The giveback is most valuable when paired with a plan that's a good fit.

How Can I Find a Medicare Advantage Plan With the Giveback?

If the Medicare Part B premium giveback benefit interests you, here are some tips for finding plan options in your area that offer it:

  • Use the Medicare Plan Finder to compare plans available where you live. Filter for Medicare Advantage Plans to see giveback amounts.

  • Compare plans on private plan finder websites like eHealth or They let you sort by premium giveback offers.

  • Find a licensed Medicare agent near you who can check for unadvertised giveback deals and walk you through plan choices.

  • Look for language emphasizing premium reductions, cash rewards, givebacks, rebates, or credits in plan marketing materials. Don't just focus on premium costs alone.

  • Ask any plans you're considering: "Do you offer any type of Part B premium reduction or giveback if I enroll in your Medicare Advantage Plan?"

  • Give plan representatives your ZIP code and ask them to check for available giveback plans you can join.


With a little digging, you can often find plans offering anywhere from $20 to $164.90 per month back. The Medicare giveback deal is out there waiting for you!

What Questions Should I Ask About the Medicare Giveback Benefit?

If you find a Medicare Advantage Plan that offers a Part B premium giveback benefit, make sure to ask these important questions before enrolling:

  • How much is the monthly giveback amount? Official Medicare program Part B premium reduction plan offer Medicare Advantage enrollees up to $ 164.90 in 2023 as giveback. 

  • Is the giveback guaranteed for the entire plan year if I enroll?

  • How will I receive the giveback each month? As a credit on my bill, direct deposit, or check?

  • If I end my plan enrollment early for any reason, will I still receive giveback payments through the end of the year?

  • Could you provide the giveback benefit details to me in writing?

  • What happens if Medicare raises Part B premiums mid-year? Will my giveback amount also increase?

  • Do your network providers and formulary cover my healthcare and prescription needs?

Getting clarity on the giveback details is key to determining if the plan is right for your situation. Make an informed choice!

The Bottom Line on the Medicare Part B Giveback

The Medicare Part B premium giveback offered by some Medicare Advantage Plans allows you to get a significant chunk of your Part B costs back each month. This rebate deal puts money into your Social Security check that you can use for other expenses and bills.

While not every Medicare Advantage Plan provides a giveback, you often can find these deals by doing your homework and comparing all options in your local area. Partnering the giveback with a Medicare Advantage Plan that also meets your medical needs can be a smart financial move and provide you with a plan you can be happy with for years to come.

Just make sure to weigh the pros and cons of Medicare  Advantage Plans carefully. Understand how the giveback works, any limitations, and how it impacts your access to specific healthcare providers and prescription drugs. An informed decision will put you in the best position to maximize your Medicare benefits.

With some diligent comparison shopping during open enrollment, finding the Medicare Plan that sends you a check back each month is an attainable goal!

To Recap...

  • The Medicare Part B giveback benefit returns some of your Part B premium back to you when you join certain Medicare Advantage Plans.

  • Plans that offer a premium can be found using a finder tool. if you are eligible for Medicare Advantage get Medicare Advantage Plans include those that offers a give back benefit. Get a give back benefit plan with Part B monthly premium.

  • You can receive from $20 up to the full $164.90 Part B premium amount back monthly through this rebate.

  • It's an optional extra benefit offered by Medicare Advantage Plans to attract members.

  • If you are enrolled in Original Medicare also known as Medicare Part A you may not be fortunate. Search for Medicare giveback benefit such as Medicare part c. This is because a plan with a giveback helps you save money.

  • Make sure your full health needs are met by any plan you choose offering a giveback.

  • Ask detailed questions to understand exactly how much you'll be credited and the benefit details.

  • Finding the right Medicare Advantage Plan with a generous giveback can put a nice chunk of money back into your Social Security check each month.

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How can I find plans that offer the GiveBack benefit in my area?

You can find plans that offer the GiveBack benefit by using the Medicare Plan Finder tool on the official Medicare website. Simply enter your zip code and search for plans in your area.

Is the GiveBack benefit the same as the premium reduction plan?

Yes, the GiveBack benefit is a type of premium reduction plan. It specifically refers to the portion of the Part B premium that is given back to the beneficiary as an additional benefit.

Can I get a GiveBack benefit without enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan?

No, the GiveBack benefit is only available through Medicare Advantage Plans. It is not available for beneficiaries who are enrolled in Original Medicare alone.

What companies offer Medicare Part B GiveBack plans?

Several private insurance companies offer Medicare Part B GiveBack plans. These companies are approved by Medicare to offer Medicare Advantage Plans and their specific offerings may vary by location.

Do GiveBack plans cover everything that Original Medicare covers?

Most GiveBack plans cover everything that Original Medicare covers, but they may also offer additional benefits, such as prescription drug coverage and extra services like dental and vision care.

How does the premium reduction benefit eliminate or reduce my Part B premium?

The premium reduction benefit works by giving you a portion of your Part B premium back as an additional benefit. This reduces the out-of-pocket cost you would normally pay for Part B.

Can I get a Medicare Advantage GiveBack plan if I already pay my Part B premium directly to Medicare?

Yes, you can still enroll in a Medicare Advantage GiveBack plan even if you pay your Part B premium directly to Medicare. The GiveBack benefit is offered on top of the standard premium payment.

How is the GiveBack benefit provided to beneficiaries?

The Give Back benefit is provided as an additional benefit through the Medicare Advantage Plan. The specific amount and method of providing the benefit may vary depending on the plan and the insurance company offering it.

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